integrated manufacturing technologies


million parts/year


million production phases


µ  tolerance down to a tenth of micron


methods of measurement and control in order to ensure Zero Defects


different steels and metallic materials machined

Every mechanical component produced by Brovedani

is only the tip of a high-tech iceberg.

multispindle cnc-turning swiss-type-turning machining-transfer working-centre toothing induction-hardening centerless-grinding form-grinding surface-grinding plane-grinding microgrinding honing lapping polishing tumbling elect.-chem.-deburring sandblasting laser-welding chrome-plating assembly automatic-visual-checking form-rolling laser-boring automatic-gauging-check gun-drilling

Brovedani Components creativity is comprised in a fascinating twine of product and process, and in the powerful appeal of infinitesimal practical detail created by a remarkable array of dedicated machines and production systems. Brovedani employs 30 integrated processing technologies and specialised diversified levels of superior skill. A spark of genius can materialise only from such a complex set of factors.

Advanced engineering services also allow the development of dedicated products-processes ensuring high levels of partnership and a problem approach solving to customer needs.

Brovedani technologies use

more than 50 different steels and metallic materials

Martensitic stainless steel

W.1.4006  | AISI 410

W.1.4005  | AISI 416

W.1.4125  | AISI 440C

W.1.4313  | AISI 415

W.1.4418  | X4CrNiMo16-5-1


A96061 | A96082 | AL6082

A96262 | AL6262 | AI6061

Quenched and tempered steel

W.1.7227  | AISI 4140 | 42CrMoS4

W.1.8159  | AISI 6150 | 51CrV4

Bearing steel

W.1.3505  | 100Cr6

Nitriding steel

W.1.8519 | 31CrMoV9

Ni-Cr-Mo steel

AISI 86L20 | 20NiCrMoS2-2

Carbon steel

SAE 1141

SAE 1142

SAE 1143

SAE 1144

SAE 1145

SAE 1146

W.1.0503  | AISI 1045 | C45

W.1.0601  | AISI 1060 | C60

W.1.1213  | AISI1050  | C053

Cast iron



Soft magnetic Cobalt-iron Alloys

Vacoflux® 9CR | UGIPERM 12FM

Tool steel

W.1.3243  | AISI M35 | Hs6-5-2

Precipitation hardening stainless steel

W.1.4542 | AISI 630 | X5CrNiCuNb16-4 | 17-4PH

Forging steel

W.1.0303 | C4C

Austenitic stainless steel

W.1.4305  | AISI 303

W.1.4301  | AISI 304

W.1.4307  | AISI 304L

Automatic steel

W.1.0736  | AISI 1215

W.1.0737  | 11SMnPb37

W.1.9718  | AISI 12L14

W.1.0715  | AISI 1213 | 11SMn30

Ferritic stainless steel

W.1.4016  | AISI 430

W.1.4105  | AISI 430F

W.1.4057  | AISI 431

W.1.4003  | AISI 410L

Case hardening steel

W.1.5920  | 18CrNi8

W.1.7139  | AISI 5115 | 16MnCr5

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